Bears Get Lost In The Woods...With Santa

NEUMEN get lost in the woods with Santa Its a camp over weekend at our Ranch in New Lebanon, NY

Only 20 minutes from Pittsfield or 35 minutes from Albany

A Members ONLY and Special Guests Event July 21st to 24th

Come to one or more events, day visitors welcome BUT, we will not stand for drinking and driving.

July 21st Thursday Early Bear Camp Setup Neumen Eats the World Capitol Buffet Wolf Road Albany NY at 7 PM

July 22nd Friday Pot Luck and Camp Setup Neumen Pot Luck and Camp Setup Bring a dish to share for dinner at 7 PM

July 23rd Saturday - Secret Santa Party Day - We will supply the food. Breakfast with the campers. We will serve Pastries and Fruit
Lunch - We will serve sandwiches and munchies
We will serve a dinner meal at 7PM - Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and salads

Secret Santa and games follow dinner

Bring a small wrapped gift if you wish to participate. Bring your Santa hats if you wish or we might give you one here.

July 24th Sunday Pack up and good-byes for now
Breakfast with the campers. We will serve Pastries and Fruit

BYOB as always Bring snacks to share We will have a campfire but do not bring wood please

Lots of space for tents, campers and limited space for guests without tents in the upstairs garage bunkhouse (email/message us) or in the Guest tent. Bring a pillow and sleeping bag or air mattress and bedding. Bring swimwear and a towel. Lots of woods out back. Small pool to refresh, brook to sit in (AYOR). Outside Shower and Bathroom. Wear footwear at all times except in pool.

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